24-hour Fasting on Keto – Lose fat & Challenge yourself by Fasting a whole day

A 24-hour (whole day) fast can be a great tool you can use every now and then to break through a weight-loss plateau and to improve your health.

If you’re Keto-adapted, you’re going to have a much easier time on a 24 hour fast than somebody who is not (or just starting out) on a low-carb, Ketogenic Diet. If you haven’t, I recommend you try intermittent fasting first (eg. have your last meal at 7 PM the night before and don’t eat until 12 PM the next day) and depending on how well you felt, consider trying a whole day fast.

In my opinion, the easiest way to approach a 24-hour fast is to have an early, satisfying dinner at say 5-6 PM – you’re going to feel full for that evening and this way, the time until your next meal won’t feel quite as long. Make sure to do this on a day off, when you’re not stressed. Go out for a walk, get some sunshine, but don’t go for a workout or anything similar the first time you try it. It can be a lot of fun (even more so if a friend/girlfriend joins you on the fast!) and a great way to challenge yourself.

Make sure to drink lots of water and have some coffee or tea whenever you like. You can also drink some bone broth (I had two cups and added a soup bouillon cube for extra sodium) to help you get your electrolytes and to serve as sort of a meal replacement in case you get hungry.

Take into account that your stomach is likely going to shrink a little after such a long fast, so don’t expect to be able to eat your usual meal portion right away! Personally, I consumed less food than usual for dinner after my fast and still felt less hungry the next day – chances are, you’ll feel the same. Apart from having an entire 24 hours without consuming any calories (apart from the broth), your reduced hunger afterwards is another reasons why it can be a great way to lose weight!

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