How to make Coconut Matcha Tea – a great alternative to Coffee

Today I'm showing you how to make coconut matcha tea, as a great, nutritious alternative to coffee - especially if you're sensitive to caffeine. There's nothing wrong with drinking coffee (I love coffee!), but especially after lunchtime, I recommend you try a cup of Matcha tea instead of another coffee. Both the L-Theanine in the matcha, as well as...

The food I’m currently eating on a Ketogenic Diet

In this video I'm sharing some of the foods that I'm eating on a high-fat, low-carb, moderate-protein Ketogenic diet. I love eating this way, and knowing what to buy makes shopping a lot easier. If you want to learn more about what food to eat, check out my other article: What to eat on a mostly ketogenic diet

Fruits vs. vegetables on a ketogenic diet

How often have you heard someone say “eat more fruits and vegetables”? It sounds like they’re the same thing. Sadly, from a nutritional point of view, they have very little in common. While many fruits are mostly made up of sugar, a little water and some fiber, vegetables are low in sugar and have a significantly higher nutrient content. FRUITS ARE NOT...