Eating Low-Carb Ketogenic in Spain

First of all, sorry for the bad camera quality. I shot this one with my phone and didn’t realize the lighting was this bad.

Anyway, in the short video above I go over some low-carb Keto food that my girlfriend and I really enjoyed during our three day visit in Bilbao, Spain. It’s just a quick meal example of what we ate either for lunch or for dinner (we usually had our other meal of the day in delicious Pintxos Bars or restaurants).

Oh by the way, if you have the chance to visit Bilbao, don’t forget to check out the fresh fish/meat market in old town, the choice there (as well as the food from the restaurants inside) is incredible.

Fish market
Fish market

Oh and have fun going wild on some amazing Pintxos while you’re there, just try to eat them without the bread!


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