Fasting for 72 Hours – Working Out Fasted & Fasting Staples

Zsófi just finished her first 3 day fast!

In the video she tries her best to give you some advice on how to best approach fasting for 72 hours (3 days), so you have some ideas on how to do a long fast like this. She also talks about her expectations for the 3 day fast, she goes over her fasting staples, her strategies for not breaking the fast, how to work out fasted (especially if you’ve been doing Keto anyway), her experience working out after not having eaten anything for over 42 hours, how to break your fast (and how high her ketone readings were right before!) and ultimately, what she learned from her fasting experience.

Video Time-Codes:

00:00 Intro and Expectations
00:45 Fasting Staples
03:27 Fasting Strategies – so you don’t break the fast in advance
04:52 Working Out Fasted
08:23 Breaking the 72 hour Fast
09:31 What I Learned from this experience

Take into account that your stomach is likely going to shrink a little after such a long fast, so don’t expect to be able to eat your usual meal portion right away! When you break your fast, start with a small, light meal (like she did in the video) approx. 30-60 minutes before a big meal to restart your digestion.

Apart from having an entire 72 hours without consuming any calories, your reduced hunger afterwards is another reason why fasting can be a fantastic tool to lose weight!

Just please make sure that, especially if you have a medical condition, you speak to your doctor first before attempting longer fasts like this.

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