Full day of eating Keto

Here’s a video about what I ate on May 22nd, 2016. I thought it would be great to show you what, when & how much I usually eat throughout the day.

I really enjoy (fatty) intermittent fasting in the morning, as it gives me the ability to focus on work without thinking about food till past lunchtime. I also love the cognitive boost it gives me.
As for lunch and dinner (I almost never eat more than two meals per day and rarely feel the need to snack) – my sources of protein, fats and vegetables usually vary, but the meal composition approximately stays the same. Lots of green leafy vegetables, 150-200g of some protein source (meat/fish/eggs) and plenty of healthy fats for energy and to keep me full throughout the entire day.

Within the video, after every meal you will see the macros & calories for that meal and at the end of the video I go over the total macronutrients and calories I ate that day. Just in case you’re interested (I know some of you are!).

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