Interviewing Matt Kacvinsky on Working Out, Intermittent Fasting, his experience on Low Carb and ‘Absolute Body Dominance’

This time, I have something a little different for you. In this video, I’m interviewing my good friend Matt Kacvinsky, who is an expert Fitness Trainer and Youtuber!

Don’t forget to check out the second part of the video, in which Matt interviews me!

Here are the some of the questions we cover in the video:

● How often do you workout and why? – How often do you recommend people work out? Whole body, rather split etc. How long do your workouts usually last?
● If you had to choose one exercise for every body part, what would you choose?
● Pre/during/post workout: Anything in particular you take/drink? Any supplements?
● What does a day of eating look like for you? Do you fast/intermittently fast regularly? Are/are you not a fan of ‘fatty’ intermittent fasting, by adding MCT oil/butter to your coffee?
● Did you ever try a very-low-carb ketogenic style diet and what was your experience?
● What’s your recommendation for people who want to lose fat as quickly as possible?
● Why did you start your channel – what’s your goal?

Matt is a great guy and we agree on many things, but disagree in other areas. We both follow what has been working best for us and our clients according to our experience and our research and you can always learn something new from a slightly different approach!

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