Keto Supplements and Natural Remedies

Today we’re talking about Keto supplements and natural remedies.

Lets start with the big 3 on Keto – I’m of course talking about electrolytes. Especially when starting out, supplementing with magnesium, potassium and sodium is very helpful, as your body starts dumping a lot of water & with that, stored electrolytes as well, which need to be replenished. If you’ve been getting some muscle cramps since starting Keto, that means you need to replenish your electrolytes! I have to mention that I have noticed that electrolytes seem to play a larger role when starting a Ketogenic Diet than they do later on.

– Magnesium – I take natural calm with some water or magnesium citrate if I’m on the road or already brushed my teeth. Great for sleep as well, so if you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep, try taking some magnesium. I take 300mg of elemental magnesium most nights approx. 30 minutes before going to bed. You can get enough magnesium from natural sources like spinach or nuts, so it’s not essential to take it as a supplement. Still, in my opinion it’s not a bad idea to supplement either way for reasons like soil depletion, which results in veggies you buy today having less magnesium in them than they used to 10 years ago.
– I have to mention epsom salt, which is magnesium sulfate. Don’t eat this one – instead, take a hot bath and let some epsom salt dissolve in the water beforehand. I tend to use around 300g of this stuff whenever I take a bath. It’s really cheap and soo relaxing, especially if you’ve had a hard workout that day. Chances are, you’re gonna sleep like a baby afterwards.
– Potassium – if you’re not eating an avocado every day, I would supplement with some potassium. I tend to take a really small dose and I think that’s enough for most people. I take one capsule (which is 99mg) with my magnesium supplement on most nights approx. 30 minutes before sleep.
– Sodium – just freely salt your food with sea salt/pink Himalayan salt or have a high quality, low-carb bouillon cube or powder with hot water to get enough sodium.

Other minerals and vitamins:

– I’m not a fan of multivitamins, as they frequently use cheap, badly absorbable sources for vitamins/minerals and most of them add folic acid, which can even be bad for your health. Also, they tend to only add small quantities of essential minerals like magnesium and are usually not well-balanced. There are obviously exceptions out there.

– Vitamin D3 is the only vitamin that my girlfriend and I take regularly, since it’s hard to get enough natural Vitamin D from sun exposure in Austria. We both take 5.000 IU almost every morning, unless we forget. I seriously believe it might be part of the reason why we haven’t gotten sick a single time since starting Keto more than one and a half years ago. We tend to prefer drops, as it’s better absorbed when it’s mixed with fats like coconut oil or MCT oil, which they add in this one.

When I’m feeling sick from eating something bad, which might happen after eating at a low quality restaurant:
– I take a couple of Activated charcoal tablets and some chlorella, as they both bind toxins and heavy metals and help you get rid of them.

If, for whatever reason we feel like we’re about to get a cold, here is what we do to get rid of it right away:

– Vitamin C – 3g of Vitamin C
– Zinc – a 50mg capsule of zinc citrate
– double the portion of Vitamin D3 we would normally take (10.000 IU instead of 5.000 IU), while not taking any the next day if we’re feeling better

– Vegetable soup for dinner on those occasions, which usually consists of bone broth, 2-3 carrots, some celery, parsley and some sea salt. We also add some ginger as well as some turmeric, which we mix with some black pepper to improve absorption. If we want to turn the soup into an entire meal, we add some grass-fed collagen powder for protein and some healthy fats like butter or coconut oil to make it more filling.

These little tricks combined with a Ketogenic Diet have helped us ward off any sickness that tried to come our way. It was really noticeable for us this winter, as every single one of our family members and best friends got sick while we stayed healthy.

Lastly, if you need a little extra energy, either because you just started doing Keto recently or you had too many carbs or protein in your last meal:
– Try a tablespoon of MCT oil or coconut oil with some tea or coffee. Just make sure you don’t add too much, as excessive amounts can cause some gastric discomfort. If you’re running to the bathroom right after, you took too much or drank it too quickly!

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