Minimalist Keto Livestreams – Q&A: Fasting, Why we’re doing Keto, Low Ketones, etc.

We had a lot of fun answering some of your questions during our three livestreams over the past few weeks.

We covered fasting, why we’ve been doing the Ketogenic Diet for over 2.5 years now, reasons for doing Keto that have nothing to do with weight-loss, the importance of keeping your carbs low to get into Ketosis and many more.

We really enjoyed interacting with some of you during the livestreams and will definitely do them more often!

If you’re interested in anything related to fasting, no matter whether you’re following a Ketogenic Diet or not, we highly recommend you get this book.
It’s also available as an audiobook read by the authors themselves. If you haven’t tried Audible yet, you can actually get it for free. If you cancel your membership within a month of signing up, you never pay anything and get to keep your audiobooks forever! 🙂

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