Perfect Keto Review + Discount Code for 20% Off Sitewide!

Welcome to an honest review of some of our favorite Perfect Keto products! We really like the company, as they only use high-quality ingredients and stevia as a sweetener.

If you’d like to try out any of these, make sure you use the discount code: MINIMALIST20 to get 20% off sitewide!

Note: When you purchase something via our link we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support if you do!

MCT Powder

First off, lets talk about their MCT powder. This one is a great substitute to regular MCT oil. It’s much easier on your digestive system and also more portable, since it’s in powdered form. Plus, it’s also way less likely to cause something like ”disaster pants”, which you easily get when using too much MCT oil. Compared to MCT oil you’re paying a small premium, but you’re also getting the best possible quality and convenience as it comes in powdered form. We mostly use it in coffee or tea when we need an energy boost.

Keto Collagen

Next is our personal favorite of the three, Keto Collagen (chocolate flavor!). We really like the ingredients, as one serving comes with 10g of grass-fed collagen, 5g MCT powder, cocoa powder and it’s sweetened with stevia. It even has some electrolytes, potassium and sodium added to it. We love this one mixed with black coffee, as it’s very simple to mix in, and also satiating for having so little calories – especially if you compare it to something like bulletproof coffee.

Keto Collagen mixed with black coffee

With our 20% coupon code: MINIMALIST20, you’re paying $1.72 per serving, which is really good for the convenience. We calculated how much it costs you to try and make a similar mix yourself, and were surprised to see that there’s very little difference – the homemade version (check the video at 01:40) is $1.15 per serving vs the Keto Collagen which is $1.72. The homemade version also has 140 calories and more carbs from the 5g of cacao powder compared to Perfect Keto which has only 80 calories. So in this case, I really think it’s worth paying for the convenience.

Base Exogenous Ketones

Lastly we have the Base Exogenous Ketones, Peaches & Cream flavor. Some of you have already asked us about what we think of exogenous ketones. We don’t think it’s necessary to take exogenous ketones on a Ketogenic Diet as they won’t make you magically lose weight. If you’re doing Keto correctly, your body is already producing and using all the ketones you need.

Unless of course, you’re doing Keto for medical reasons, where you really need to be in Ketosis at all times and you need to get back into Ketosis as quickly as possible – then they can be really useful. Some people like to take some every morning, I think Dr. Adam Nally is one of them, or before a workout for an energy boost. They can also come in handy after some indulgences around the holidays and if you’re crashing from a cheat meal and need your focus & energy back as quickly as possible, which is how we use ours.

Their price is much better than some competing products, at $2.34 per serving with the discount code above. You can also just use half a serving, which is what we sometimes do. By the way, they actually taste good, which is pretty amazing for ketone supplements. In our opinion, they’re not necessary on Keto but worth a try if you always wanted to try exogenous ketones anyway.

We hope our short review was helpful!

Perfect Keto Discount Code (20% Off!)

If you want to try some of the Perfect Keto products, don’t forget to use our link and the discount code MINIMALIST20 to get 20% off everything!

Our personal favorite is the Chocolate flavored Keto Collagen (especially mixed with coffee!), so we would start with that if you’re interested. If you like adding heavy cream or butter to your coffee though, then the Vanilla flavor is even better!

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